Skill Trainings Offered

Leadership Skills

Communication Skills

Interview Skills

Personality Skills

Why is skill development important?

Skill development is important in the overall development of a student.
1.For opportunities better  There are a few students who may not be academically strong. Introducing skill training and encouraging the weak students will help in providing equal opportunities.
2.An idea of different career prospects Introducing skill development initiatives for the school students will help them to get an understanding of different career options. This will help them to plan their future accordingly.
3.Preparing for future The process of skill development introduces the students to employability-skills at a very young age. This ensures the right development of the students.
4.Personal development Learning skills will not only increase the opportunities but will also empower an individual. Skills like networking and communication go a long way in aiding the overall development of a person.
5.Nurturing talents Skill development helps to identify, develop and nurture talents/skills in a given field.